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Interoperability between the various systems is essential requirement for optimal and smooth functioning of the e-government system. We assist the governments to design, develop and deploy interoperability framework that among others will include the policies and technical standards that must be followed by each agency of the government. We also help governments to implement e-GIF and to ensure its compliance.


Public sector transformation and re-engineering of the public sector business processes in preparation for E-Governance is one of the major focus areas of our Company. We provide consulting services to the Governments world wide in the areas of public sector reforms, management, development of E- Governance strategies and road mapping. Among others we provide services in the following:

  • Business Process Evaluation and Re-engineering.
  • E-Governance Planning & Strategy formulation.
  • Assessment and evaluation of technologies for E- Governance including hardware and software platform, networking, and architectural choices.
  • Government Portal designs and Development.
  • Application of web technologies for E- Governance.
  • Content and application development.
  • IT infrastructure development including networking and communication
Public sector Capacity Building and Reform:
We undertake comprehensive evaluation of the existing  E-Government manpower needs and capacity in the governmental institutions, identifying the gaps in human resources, advising the long term strategies and policies for development of human resources; and designing programs for implementation of the recommended strategies. The need for reform in the public sector institutions is assessed through critical and comprehensive evaluation of the organizational structure and processes in the light of the intended E-Government transformation; services are provided for  restructuring and optimizing the institutional capacity of the governmental agencies for their effective performance.

National ICT Policies and Strategies
We provide services formulation and implementation of ICT-enabling policies and strategies, institutional and regulatory framework and their integration into the overall strategy  for national social and economic development; Formulation and implementation of  sector specific l ICT strategies and policies in health, education, environment and other economic sectors; provide advisory services on E-Governance and development of E-government road map, strategies and policies and implementation framework, E-government systems architecture development, strategic planning for information integration, E-Service planning, information security strategies, knowledge and content management;

E-Government Services and Applications

We provide consulting and advisory services to government institutions to design and develop e-services (G2G, G2B and G2C services) that are optimally aligned with the operational business needs of governments. In collaboration with our strategic partners we provide services directed to departmental computerization within public sector. Customized software products can be developed for specific application using the generally available software tools and programming languages. As a part of our service offering we have undertaken a number of projects in computerization of public sector. This has covered diverse departments and projects such as: Customs, taxation and public sector financial management, Billing systems for public utilities, Payroll management, Computerization of elections, National Citizen Registration Social, Economic and Demographic Database Development. Hospital Management System, Lands  Management System, Document Management System, Records and Archives Public Prosecution and Legal Management System .



We assist development and deployment of optimized systems design for E-Governance both at the level of individual departments and agencies of the government as well as the national level for the government as a whole. This amongst others includes determination of the various feasible options and the analysis of the government requirements and guidance to systems design that best meets the needs in terms of functionalities, minimization of risk, suitability to the existing situation on the ground.
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