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For technology to make sense to a business organization it must be optimally aligned to the business needs of the institutions concerned so that it facilitates its operations and adds to both its top and bottom lines. A holistic approach is therefore used by us to develop the enterprise ICT strategies and policies to synergistically align technology to business needs. Our business domain experts invariably work with our technologists to design and develop optimal strategic plan and assist businesses in their implementation.


In the present information world, businesses have to take full advantage of the internet, web and digital technologies to remain competitive. This has happened to a large extend within the bigger companies in the west. The small and medium sized business organizations in the developed world and the businesses in general in the lesser developed part of the globe are yet to take advantage of the new technologies. With our know how of the management and practices of the business world and the expertise in new technologies, we help businesses in their transformation to E- Business. This transformation is not a simple matter of digitization and computerization but is, in essence, a fundamental change in how business is done. Among others, our services focus on the following areas:

  • Management strategy development.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Information Technology policies and strategies.
  • Systems Development.
  • Management Information Systems development
  • IT and communication infrastructure.
  • Security and IT audit.
  •  Websites and Enterprise portals.
  • Customized software development, including front end and database applications.
  • Upgrading and customizing the existing software products and packages and development of links and patches to maximize organizational IT investment.
Enterprise Management Information Management system has to be closely aligned and indeed derived from the enterprise management system. We therefore work diligently to ensure optimal systems design through thorough SRS at all levels of management. For strategic decision management process as well as for operational management in the business processes are critically and comprehensively analysed and taken as the basis for developing and deploying business MIS.
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